Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here We Go Again...

...it's Tuesday! You know the drill...

**Because I spend an inordinate amount of time watching iCarly with my kids, I now believe there should be a deep voice-over and flashing disco lights any time anyone says "Random Tuesday Thoughts".

**William Blake was off his rocker.

**There's this weird artsy, philosophical type guy who apparently doesn't own a brush that sits next to me in my English class that understands what Blake is talking about and it makes me feel very intellectually inadequate.

**I just finished re-reading The Great Gatsby and I'm deeply troubled by many things in it.

**I need to color my hair. It is currently a sad brown color and needs a little sprucing up.

**Exactly why do those artsy, philosophical types never own brushes?

**At the risk of sounding old and cantankerous, I'm really sick and effing tired of this "everything has to be equal and fair and I should always get my way and I'm just gonna sit here and play video/computer games while you suckers actually work to earn money" generation!

**My mom sent me a copy of Eat, Pray, Love on CD. I've been listening to it on my commute to and from school this week. It is fabulous.

**Oh my god, I commute. Shoot me now!

**I think my kids are the most fabulous creatures on earth but there are times when I could just ring their precious little necks...like when I specifically tell them to pick up their dirty socks out of the living room and find stinking dirty socks between the couch cushions after they've gone to bed.

**I want to trade my obnoxious, yippy dogs in for fat, lazy cats that do nothing but sunbathe and nap all day.

**I want to nap.

**I eat cheese and mustard sandwiches. I'm sure it sounds weird and disgusting but they are absolutely delicious in my opinion.

And that concludes my randomness for the day. Hope you have a lovely, random Tuesday!


  1. Cheese and Mustard sandwiches? Yummy. (I wish I had some cheese right now . . . and bread, I'm out of that too . . . maybe I'll go have some mustard. :) Just kidding!)

  2. Stopping by from SITS. Cheese and mustard sandwiches? Can't say I've ever tried it...unless you include the times I had it with bologna!

    And thanks to my boyfriend's daughter being here every other weekend, I too know all too well what iCarly is. And Wizards of Waverly Place. And Suite Life on Deck. And Sonny with a Chance...

  3. I have been watching Icarly a lot this summer too : ) Very funny : ) It makes me laugh. I wish I would have had a cool brother like Carly's : ) He is the coolest!


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