Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Men Shouldn't Be Left Alone

On Saturday, I took my baby girl to have her pictures made. I like this particular portrait studio that happens to be about an hour from here and is in a mall. In the name of my sanity, I decided it was best to leave the hubby and the boys home. Hubby thought this was great. They would have a guy afternoon, I was told. Sounded great to me...silly me...I thought they'd be sitting around burping, watching football and arguing over the remote.

Yeah, that is so not what happened.

On my drive to the picture place, I get a phone call that they are going to look around at some shops. So, there I am waiting to see the baby's pictures and I check my text messages only to find this lovely message:

I am about to buy a gun maybe two both less than 500 total

Yeah, I immediately reply with an "Oh really?" And wait for an answer. No answer ever comes. I check out the baby's pictures and pick the ones I wish to buy. They print my pictures and I venture into the rest of the mall. Then my phone rings. It's the hubby. He lets me know that he only bought one gun. Well, that's nice. At this point, he realizes that he might be in trouble and says that he has his cards all ready to turn in when I get home (love the implication that I'm some sort of warden, lol). I do some random shopping, then head home to see this new gun. (I'm not really sure what I expected.)

Anyhoo, I get home, unload the baby and ask about the hubby's purchase. He pulls out my old pistol case, unlocks it and presents me with a new .380 pistol. Apparently, it is mine. I already have a .22, but I guess that I needed another gun. Who knew? I certainly didn't.

So, I left my hubby alone and ended up with a new gun. Isn't he just the sweetest?!

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  1. That made me laugh! I love your blog!


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