Saturday, September 26, 2009

Microwaves & Panic Buttons

I was just reading some wall posts on the Fort Knox Facebook page. It was pretty amusing actually. As I was reading through them, I came across one providing a crime prevention tip. The tip was to place your car keys on your night stand, then if you hear a noise during the night you could push the panic button and have an instant alarm. Do you see the assumption in there?! This little tip assumed that we all have panic buttons on our key chains. Well, I don't even have cruise control, let alone a panic button.

It reminded me of a story the hubby was telling me the other day. I bought him a little Thai noodle meal to eat for lunch one day. I knew the suggested directions were to microwave it but I figured he could substitute boiling water and achieve the same effect. Well, apparently, I was wrong (shhh...). He went back to work after lunch and was telling his co-workers about this and they were really confused. They seriously thought he was pulling their legs when he told them that we don't have a microwave. (It broke a few months back and we just don't feel the need to buy another one.)

In our world, so dependent upon technology, we are so amazed when we hear that a person makes do without something like a microwave or a panic button. Personally, I have no idea how people live without hair straighteners and laptops.


  1. You are SO spot on! We don't have a electric can opener OR a dishwasher. People look at me like I am nuts when I say that. Like I don't have running water or indoor toilets or something.
    And hey, I still open cans and eat from clean plates just fine! Happy Saturday Sharefest!

  2. Hi,
    You are so right ! Thanks for stopping by my cozy kitchenb :)

  3. That's so true! We don't have a dishwasher, and people can't believe it! When we were looking to buy our house, the realtor asked what amenities we wanted, and dishwasher and garage weren't in there so they questioned it. I just told them we never had one before so we wouldn't know the difference anyway!

    Plus, our new fridge is the first one we've ever had with an ice maker. We actually turned it off and use ice trays now cause it makes the ice taste funny. Any everytime someone comes over they comment on it.

  4. stopping by from sits.....happy sunday!


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