Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Back!!

Woo hoo, I'm back from vacation! The trip was lovely, but it is always sooo nice to come home again. In celebration of my return (and the fact that I can't focus on any one thing for very long right now), we're going to have some randomness...

**The school supply list from my kiddos elementary school is absolutely ridiculous! What would a 3rd grader do with 48 pre-sharpened pencils and why do kindergartners not need a pencil at all?! The thing is seriously out of whack...

**I saw these guys on Fox News a little bit ago. Love this idea!

**I passed out 3 times this morning trying to make a bottle for the baby. Not sure why, but I feel fine now.

**The hubby loves lefse so much that we had to stop at the store before leaving MN and spend over $30 on the stuff. Me, I'm not a big fan, but whatever floats his boat (and keeps him quiet for more than 2 minutes)...

**In the last week, I have finished reading Angles & Demons, started and finished Choked, and am now reading The House of Mirth. When I finish it, I am going to read The Plague of Doves. I heart reading!!

**The boys start school on Monday! I'm excited; they're excited. Although, I'm a bit sad that my little boy is off to kindergarten. They grow up too quickly.

**I flew a plane. Yes, you read that right! I flew a plane while we were in MN. The hubby's grandpa has a little two-seater plane. He talked me through the taxi, the take-off and the first few minutes of the flight. After that, I realized that I was flying, freaked out and made him take over the controls.

**My boys must be on a mission to give me a heart attack. The oldest one rolled an old lawn tractor and middle kiddo tried to drown. And here I thought vacay was supposed to be relaxing! Silly me!

**I have to quit writing so I can fix my hair and then take the boys to get haircuts. Fun fun!

**My hubby is so cheap that he wouldn't stop at the World's Largest Truckstop because the place across the street had gas for 2 cents less.

I totally missed all of you, my little internet friends...all 5 of you :) Hope you are enjoying this lovely summer!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Throw in Some Random and Stir It Around

So, we all know that it is Tuesday favorite bloggy day of the week and you know what that means, so let's get on with it...
**I watch too much TV. It is a sad reality.
**We are going on vacation this week. We're going to visit the hubby's grandparents in Minnesota. I've never been there so I'm looking forward to it...but mostly because I get to see my boys!
**Wife Swap makes me appreciate my life. These people are nutty!
**The hubby bought me a new laptop for my bday last week. It is a Dell Inspiron mini. Dude, I got a Dell! I totally love it! It fits in my bag and I can carry it to school very easily. Hubby spoils me!
**For the first time in forever, all the laundry in my house is done. Woo Hoo!
**We're having frozen pizza tonight. The really yummy California Pizza Kitchen kind.
**Why do people believe that their opinions are the right ones? I am very passionate about what I believe but I try to remain open to the opinions of others. This world is a big place and there is room for lots of opinions in it.
**I love having a little girl to dress up. The boys were fun, but let's face it, dressing little girls is way more fun.
**My wonderful little boys have called me everyday since they've been gone. They are so sweet and always tell me to tell Kacey they love her. All together now....AWWW!!
**The hubby and I have had a wonderful time this week. We've spent more time together than we have in a long time. It's been great, but I know that we're both ready to have our boys home.
**My daughter has grabbed a pair of my socks of the pile of clothes that I'm packing for MN and is now chewing on them. Well, at least they are clean...
**I had way more randomness but my brain quit working about an hour ago in protest of my decision not to take a nap today.
**The other day I went shopping for a new pair of jeans. I went to Old Navy and got a great pair. Then I went to Target in search for a second pair. No where in Target did they have any jeans or jean shorts for women. What the heck was up with that?! For the first time in my life, I was disappointed by Target...
**Why does the chick on TV keep talking about bacon?! It is making me hungry...
**Despite all my pickiness when it comes to eating, I love bacon..
**I'm a few pages away from finishing Angels & Demons. Wow! Only trouble is that I can't decide what to read next...I might own too many books...nope, I don't...
Ok, apparently, the randomness has turned into bacon, so I'm done...I'm now in search of bacon...Enjoy your Tuesday :) And for more randomness head on over to The UnMom.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I missed Random Thoughts Tuesday this week because I was extremely busy. My parental units were visiting and we were having a fabulous time visiting the Maker's Mark Distillery during the time I would have otherwise spent blogging. Sorry. In order to make up for it, I am blogging some random thoughts today. I figure that'll sort of make up for it since today starts with a T too.

**Today's my birthday. As the birthday girl, I will not be telling you my actual age. My favorite cousin put it very well...I'm celebrated my repeat 21st birthday :) Me likey...not only does it not disclose my actual age but it also gives me a fab excuse to get a little toasty...Thanks Ash!

**My boys are spending the week visiting grandparents in Arkansas. I kinda miss them a little bit.

**The parental units visited this week. They kept me quite busy. Monday, we went to the zoo and the museum here on post. Tuesday we went to Maker's Mark Distillery and ate at the Old Talbott's Tavern in Bardstown. They left Wednesday morning with my boys in tow. I'm exhausted.

**The hubby and I have made the difficult decision to switch Kacey to formula. I've been pumping since she was born and she's had nothing but breastmilk. However, we're going on a pretty long road trip next week, then I'm going back to school in August. We decided that it was best to make the switch now in order to avoid any major stress on her during the trip and starting in daycare. I'm sad about it, but I know it's best for her. Honestly, she doesn't really care now that I found a formula that she likes.

**My sister accused me of being "such a mom" the other day...I still haven't recovered...just because I told my kid to close the door because he was letting in flies and that we weren't paying to cool the whole world...

**I'm not exactly where I thought I would be in life at this point, but where I am is sooo much better than where I thought I would be!

**It's my birthday and I'm giving myself permission to cheat on all diet plans.

**My baby girl is awake so no more random for you!

Enjoy your Thursday :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Sick of Big Brother

No, not the TV show (I've actually never seen it)...I'm talking about Big Brother, you know, the man. I tend not to get very political most of the time, but this just flat pisses me off. If you click on the link, you will find an article that discusses an initiative to ban smoking in the military. Are you effing kidding me?! Seriously, these guys and gals lay their lives on the line for our FREEDOM and you are going to tell them they aren't allowed to have their smokes anymore?! To me, this isn't an issue of smokers vs. non-smokers, or a health issue. I admit that smoking is bad for you. It causes a lot of health issues, but life in general causes a lot of health issues. (No one makes it out of here alive, in case you've forgotten...) To me, this is an issue of rights that these guys work hard to protect. I think the whole thing is BS. And, if you read the article it says that part of this would be banning smoking on military installations. This part would effectively ban spouses from smoking as well. I think that our soldiers and their families make enough sacrifices to protect this country. This shouldn't be one of them. There just seems to be something innately wrong with telling the protectors our freedoms that they can't have the same freedoms as others. I'm stepping down from my soap box now...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I Want

This morning as I was driving my middle kiddo to daycare, he was going on and on about all the things he wants. (A skateboard tops the list, in case you're wondering.) When he got to the end of his list (and reminded me that I said I'd buy him a skateboard for his birthday), he asked me what I want. Oh wow, there are so many things that I want that I didn't even attempt to answer. (Thankfully we had pulled into the parking lot by this time and he didn't notice my lack of an answer.) So, I thought I'd put together a quick list of what I want...without further adieu and in no particular order, here it goes:


**a million dollars (Duh!)
**to write and publish a fabulous academic article (Just to say I did it)
**my kids to be completely healthy and happy always
**to travel around Europe
**a week on the beach with absolutely no worries (such as how I'm gonna pay for it)
**a maid
**time to go to the gym
**to watch whatever I want to on TV without someone complaining about it
**chocolate and ice cream to be calorie free (oh you know you want it too)
**to work at Barnes & Noble (I know, I'm dork, but I L-O-V-E books!!)

Ok, so I want much :) What do you want?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Attacks Again

So, I just realized that it is Tuesday again! I missed a whole week of blogging and I know that you, my loyal readers (all 2 of you) are incredibly disappointed. Never fear! Tuesday is here and as usual, here is your weekly dose of my randomness (AKA OMG she really thinks of all that at once, she may be off her rocker)...

**I haven't slept for more than 4 maybe 5 hours in a row since last week sometime. And it's not because I have an infant. Need more sleep!

**We had a great 4th of July weekend! Thanks to the neighbors for inviting us over!

**The hubby had PRK (corrective eye surgery) yesterday and he has been asleep pretty much since then.

**We went to Fort Campbell for his surgery. I LOVED IT!!

**My boys love much that we ate at the one near Fort Campbell twice within 24 hours because there isn't one near here.

**Smiling at me while you blow through a 4-way stop when it was my turn does not make it any better. In fact, it pisses me off even more. I don't care if you are 5 decades older than me, wait your darn turn!

**My parental units are coming to visit one week from today. Color me excited!

**iCarly cracks me up....yes I know it is for tween girls, maybe I'm a tween at heart...

**I have consumed 1019 calories, 2 diet cokes with lime and 3 bottles of water today (in case you care).

**My precious middle child just informed me that he farted...nice, huh?!

**Those shorts I mentioned a couple weeks ago in RTT still need a button sewn on...I'm getting to it....really, I am....

**At the hotel's gym on Sunday night, I rode 6.5 miles on the bike and walked 2 miles on the was awesome and now I totally want to go to the gym here, just gotta work out the schedule with the hubby.

And I'm out. Hope you enjoyed your weekly dose of randomness! And I'll attempt to be better about blogging this week :)