Thursday, July 16, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I missed Random Thoughts Tuesday this week because I was extremely busy. My parental units were visiting and we were having a fabulous time visiting the Maker's Mark Distillery during the time I would have otherwise spent blogging. Sorry. In order to make up for it, I am blogging some random thoughts today. I figure that'll sort of make up for it since today starts with a T too.

**Today's my birthday. As the birthday girl, I will not be telling you my actual age. My favorite cousin put it very well...I'm celebrated my repeat 21st birthday :) Me likey...not only does it not disclose my actual age but it also gives me a fab excuse to get a little toasty...Thanks Ash!

**My boys are spending the week visiting grandparents in Arkansas. I kinda miss them a little bit.

**The parental units visited this week. They kept me quite busy. Monday, we went to the zoo and the museum here on post. Tuesday we went to Maker's Mark Distillery and ate at the Old Talbott's Tavern in Bardstown. They left Wednesday morning with my boys in tow. I'm exhausted.

**The hubby and I have made the difficult decision to switch Kacey to formula. I've been pumping since she was born and she's had nothing but breastmilk. However, we're going on a pretty long road trip next week, then I'm going back to school in August. We decided that it was best to make the switch now in order to avoid any major stress on her during the trip and starting in daycare. I'm sad about it, but I know it's best for her. Honestly, she doesn't really care now that I found a formula that she likes.

**My sister accused me of being "such a mom" the other day...I still haven't recovered...just because I told my kid to close the door because he was letting in flies and that we weren't paying to cool the whole world...

**I'm not exactly where I thought I would be in life at this point, but where I am is sooo much better than where I thought I would be!

**It's my birthday and I'm giving myself permission to cheat on all diet plans.

**My baby girl is awake so no more random for you!

Enjoy your Thursday :)

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