Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Back!!

Woo hoo, I'm back from vacation! The trip was lovely, but it is always sooo nice to come home again. In celebration of my return (and the fact that I can't focus on any one thing for very long right now), we're going to have some randomness...

**The school supply list from my kiddos elementary school is absolutely ridiculous! What would a 3rd grader do with 48 pre-sharpened pencils and why do kindergartners not need a pencil at all?! The thing is seriously out of whack...

**I saw these guys on Fox News a little bit ago. Love this idea!

**I passed out 3 times this morning trying to make a bottle for the baby. Not sure why, but I feel fine now.

**The hubby loves lefse so much that we had to stop at the store before leaving MN and spend over $30 on the stuff. Me, I'm not a big fan, but whatever floats his boat (and keeps him quiet for more than 2 minutes)...

**In the last week, I have finished reading Angles & Demons, started and finished Choked, and am now reading The House of Mirth. When I finish it, I am going to read The Plague of Doves. I heart reading!!

**The boys start school on Monday! I'm excited; they're excited. Although, I'm a bit sad that my little boy is off to kindergarten. They grow up too quickly.

**I flew a plane. Yes, you read that right! I flew a plane while we were in MN. The hubby's grandpa has a little two-seater plane. He talked me through the taxi, the take-off and the first few minutes of the flight. After that, I realized that I was flying, freaked out and made him take over the controls.

**My boys must be on a mission to give me a heart attack. The oldest one rolled an old lawn tractor and middle kiddo tried to drown. And here I thought vacay was supposed to be relaxing! Silly me!

**I have to quit writing so I can fix my hair and then take the boys to get haircuts. Fun fun!

**My hubby is so cheap that he wouldn't stop at the World's Largest Truckstop because the place across the street had gas for 2 cents less.

I totally missed all of you, my little internet friends...all 5 of you :) Hope you are enjoying this lovely summer!

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