Tuesday, September 8, 2009

RTT: Vocab Edition

It is that marvelous day of the week that we like to call Tuesday, martes if you are a Spanish speaker! And you know what that means...that's right, it is time for more of my randomness. So, sit back and enjoy...

**Being that I am currently taking my third semester of Spanish, shouldn't I at least be able to speak it?

**Did you know that the dictionary defines parenting as " the work or skill of a parent in raising a child or children"? I love that they recognize that it takes both work and skill to raise children but seem to imply (by the use of the word "or") that the parent only need possess either work ethic or some innate skill to accomplish the task. My definition reads "the work AND skill (plus a little bit of luck and the help of a freakin' village) of a parent in raising a productive adult".

**I love the word plethora and use it whenever the opportunity arises...sometimes I even create opportunities just so I can say the word plethora.

**My middle kiddo (he's 5) has recently added a new word to his vocabulary, aggravate. As in, "Mom, you aggravate me when you tell me to put down this stick that I'm running around with playing like it's a gun and will inevitably fall and poke my eye out with."

**I currently have a professor who constantly says the phrase "nonetheless, however" and it drives me almost as crazy as the civics teacher/football coach from high school who constantly said "and so on and so forth". Shake it up, people! Learn a new phrase!

**I think my baby girl's first word will be "whatevs" because she's just cool like that :)

**Um, I just realized that there was a box from my mommy (yes, I just called her my mommy) on my doorstep when I got home and I haven't opened it yet...so enough with the randomness!

I'm off to see what goodies my mommy sent me. Enjoy your random Tuesday dearies!


  1. Plethora is my favorite word also----weird....

    Visiting over from SITS---have a great one!

  2. I love the word plethora too. Stopped in from the Unmom.


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