Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This One Time At Band Camp

OMG, it's Tuesday! That means that is time to get down and random with it! If you haven't visited here before or have no clue what RTT is all about head on over to visit The UnMom.

**I actually never went to band camp. I just wanted to use that as a title. I was in band though.

**We are moving! In April, we'll be headed back to Texas. Woo hoo!

**The moving thing is seriously effing with my education though.

**Good Start/Gerber/whoever the heck they are sent me a new store of coupons today. In the packet, there was a flyer for new Gerber Yogurt blends baby foods. Awesome! I thought. They didn't send any flippin' coupons for said product. Got me all excited, then let me down. Don't they know that mama is cheap and isn't going to buy the new (probably more pricey) food without a coupon.

**I convinced myself this morning that animal crackers and diet coke were a decent breakfast. However, halfway through class, my stomach disagreed.

**I need to write a Marxist critism of Death in Venice for my lit theory class tomorrow. Exciting (not).

**You know the two Edies that Lorelei and Rory talk about on Gilmore Girls? Yeah, I saw the end of the 2009 movie based on them on HBO yesterday. Now I'm intrigued and trying to find time to watch it on-demand. Maybe I could give up a few hours of sleep...hmm, maybe I'm not that intrigued...

Yep, so that's all of my random babblings for today. Enjoy your Tuesday and come visit again (soon)!


  1. I hate that when a company wants you to try something and then doesn't send the coupons. Recently I was contacted by a yogurt company to do try their yogurt and do a giveaway. They did send coupons, but I can't find the new yogurt anywhere. Crazy. Animal crackers and Diet Coke sound delicous right now! What an interesting paper you have to write. I would have no idea how to even approach that, but I'm intrigued. Good luck!

    By the way, I gave you an award. Swing on over to my blog and pick it up, when you get a chance. Congrats!

  2. You're lucky that you have such advance notice on your move! Animal crackers and diet coke do make for a good breakfast I feel. I like the idea!

  3. That's weird they didn't send a coupon. Like 10 cents would kill em.
    Have a great RTT!

  4. Ha! I watched Gray Gardens because of the Gilmore Girls! It's a great movie BTW. Good luck on your move!


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