Monday, September 21, 2009

What to Expect

So, I don't have time right now, but later today (or within in the next few days, because there may be more than one blog idea in all this gibberish) here is what you just might read about on this here blog:

  • I really didn't need a new gun, but thanks anyways babe...Or, why men shouldn't be left alone
  • We need a nursing staff and a janitor around here...Or, how I spent my weekend...Or, the joy of sick children
  • A fab report of all the books I've been reading/listening to lately...Or Stephanie Plum is the most hilarious female character I've read lately
  • What are we teaching our kids...Or a generation that is rewarded simply for showing up
  • For real, moving again? Would love to know where...
  • And whatever else happens to pop into my pretty little head
Have a great morning and come back soon :)

Also, I am attempting to edit my layout, you know spice things up around here, so bare with me if things look a little funky. Hopefully, it will be beautiful before long!

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