Monday, August 31, 2009

At Least I'll Qualify for a Government Job

Why is it that institutions of higher learning feel the need to charge their students astronomical amounts of moola for parking? (As if the massive amounts of cash forked over in the name of tuition just isn't quite enough...) Once one has paid the fee and received the coveted parking pass, the real trick ensues...finding an actual space to park in. In the one week since this semester has commenced, I feel like I have spent more time and gas attempting to find a parking spot than I have actually commuting to campus. And I live 35 miles from campus, so that is a lot of time and gas! I have come to this conclusion: the parking does not actually exist! Nope. True, there are numerous parking lots and obviously many cars filling said lots. However, I now believe that all that money I and my fellow classmates have bestowed upon our university goes into a fund that purchases dummy cars. Those dummy cars are parked in every spot and just taunt us all with their "ha-ha-I'm-in-a-spot-and-you're-not" look. Yep, it's a big conspiracy! When that precious moment in which I finally (after hours of searching) manage to find a spot arrives, I feel like someone should rush out of the shadows and award me my degree just for succeeding in this next to impossible task. Because, let's face it, college is no longer about learning and achieving academic success. Successfully completing a college degree is about mastering the bureaucracy of it all. Oh, and being able to successfully read the moods of various professors. So, in short, every college graduate should be able to claim profiency in government affairs and psycology.

**And, yes, I realize I sound like a raving looney bin escapee...But this is what driving in circles for hours searching for a parking spot will do to you...attempt it at your own risk :)

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  1. I hate when there are no spots where I need to be! So annoying!


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