Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweet Bedtime

I think that bedtime is my favorite time of day. Yes, it gets quiet around here. But that's not the reason why I adore this time so much. I love tucking the kiddos into bed because, for some reason, at bedtime all of that day fades away. It no longer matters to them that I said "no" to some silly thing or that I made them eat their dinner even though they swore they didn't like it. None of that seems to matter anymore. As I give them a hug and a little kiss and tuck them into their beds, they always have the sweetest four words to say. "I love you, Mama." My heart melts every night when I hear them say it. And of course, I always respond with "I love you too, baby." Then I turn the lights off and they slip away into their dreams...Until the next morning, when they no longer love me and I'm a big meany head for waking them up so early and forcing them to go off to school.

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