Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm So Behind...

Geez, the week is just barely started, school just barely started, and already I feel like I'm behind...Welcome back, huh?! Anyhoo, it is that special time of week again! Around here, I call it RTT...It's a fun time when I empty all the random junk from my brain, you read it and question my sanity. So let's get started, shall we?

**Some people are complete, freakin' idiots...

**As I get older, I'm not sure if I become more optimistic or more realistic...I go back and forth on this one.

**I may not be as smart as I once thought myself to be.

**I wish I could go back to my freshman year in college and do better in my classes. Seriously, who knew that nearly 10 years later, those grades would come back to bite me in the ass?!

**I have accepted that my kids are going to hate me sometimes. I'm ok with that because someday they will have kids of their own and payback is hell...

**Anyone know anything about William Blake? Wanna tell me why I decided it was a good idea to take an honors course on the man when the only knowledge I have of Blake is limited to a brief mention in Bull Durham?!

**I cannot sleep with wet hair. It goes back to my childhood when my grandmother told me that sleeping with wet hair would cause me to get sick. I'm sure that's an old wives' tale, but I'm not risking it because the one thing I hate more than wet hair is being sick.

**Sasquatch is a funny word...more funny words are liquor, sticker and poker.

**Sorry, my mind went into the gutter momentarily but I am now back from junior-high-land.

**Bacon sounds good...nice, warm bacon on a fluffy biscuit with a slice of cheese...yummy...I'm hungry.

Yep, now that I mentioned bacon, I'm too hungry to continue with the randomness so you are now on your own. Enjoy your Tuesday and don't forget to head on over to The UnMom for some more randomness.

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