Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Again...It's Wacky

So, last week I decided that since this is my blog I am allowed to make up whatever I want and thus Wacky Wednesday was born. Today's installment deals with some comments recently made by oldest kid (who is 7).

Last week, while he was eating a piece of candy he asked me if I had eaten a lot of candy while I was pregnant with him. I answered no and he continued to say he figured I had because he likes candy. Then he informed me that he was going to feed his wife lots of candy when she was pregnant so his kid will like candy.

He also informed me that his life's ambition is to be a pizza delivery man. I'm so proud.

I told him that we were going to deep clean his room this summer because it is a disaster area (seriously, I think I hear the governor checking it out in a helicopter). He responds, "Mom, can't you do that while I'm at summer program. It's always easier for you to clean stuff when I'm not here." That kid listens to his father way too much.

I love the kiddo and all his wackiness

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