Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Day After Monday

Oh yeah, it is Tuesday again! That means that it is officially time for another installment of Random Thoughts Tuesday...

**The boys' room is STILL clean! I am amazed and very proud.

**As I get older, I have realized that having stuff isn't all that great. You have to clean stuff and I'm sick of cleaning!

**It is perfectly normal for breast milk to have a blue tint to it. It is also perfectly normal for breastfed babies to have green poop or no poop at all for days at a time.

**I haven't mentioned my crock pot in a while, so a big shout out to my crock pot!

**I still haven't figured out what I did to piss of the tomato plant gods, but they seem to still be pissed. Last night, the puppy chewed the roots off of one plant. Nice, huh?!

**My kids never find it necessary to speak to me unless I am on the phone or trying to have a conversation with another adult type person.

**The speed limit on our street is 15 MPH. Apparently, most people are taking that as a suggestion because it is a rare occasion when someone actually obeys it. Obeying the speed limit on our street will get you rear-ended or, at the very least, some really nasty looks from people. I say bring it on, I've got good insurance!

**I miss the dry heat of El Paso!

**Oldest kiddo needs a button sewn on to a pair of shorts. I have been moving the shorts around the house for a week now trying to find a spot that I will remember to sew on the button. Right now, the shorts are sitting on the end table in the living room.

**Tomorrow I'm going to post another summer pie recipe!

**I am so sad that Jon & Kate can't seem to make it work! I was so hoping that last night's announcement was going to be that they had decided to cancel their show and work on their marriage in private. Plus who else noticed that Kate seemed to be distraught over the break-up while Jon actually said that he was excited! What a jackass! I'm totally Team Kate on this one.

Okie dokie, hope you enjoyed today's randomness! Have a fabulous Tuesday! And for more randomness, check out the originator of RTT over at The Un Mom.

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  1. I'm sorry about your plants! I have two little green tomatoes so far (out of three plants), so we'll see.

    Is the button with the shorts you move around? I always seem to lose the button!

    Good luck with the plant, button, and happy RTT!


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