Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Randomness All Around

Hurray for Tuesday! Over the last few weeks, I have found myself looking forward to RTT because I have an actual excuse to be completely random. Here goes the randomness for today:

**My poor baby girl has a bit of a cold and I hate it. I have to use that little nose-sucker-thingy on her and it makes me feel horrible.

**Free lunch for kiddos during the summer is awesome!

**Need to get the oil changed in my Jeep but refuse to wait for hours in order to do so.

**I am a very curious person. This curiosity extends into everything from the academic world right down to what you are doing in your life. I can't help it.

**Right now I'm thinking of starting another blog all about being cheap (in the best possible way, of course).

**Martha is making cupcakes and it is making me super hungry but I got this new evil scale yesterday and I'm sure it won't appreciate me having a cupcake.

**Gave oldest kid a summer project...use our old digital camera and photograph whatever strikes his fancy...yesterday was day one of said project and he took over 50 pics.

**Neighbors went on a cruise this week....color me jealous.

**What the heck is a bakugan? My kids are obsessed with this things.

**This episode of Martha makes me want to open my own bakery, but I'm too realistic to actually do something like that.

**I should be cleaning my house...maybe I'll just get rid of everything and then I won't have to clean.

**I found out late last week that the doctor who delivered my daughter a couple months ago is actually a cosmetic surgeon who happens to have some specialization in gynecology...hmm, interesting combo...

So there's today's installment of randomness, Enjoy :)


  1. Wow, he/she (doctor who delivered your daughter) could be raking in the dough...while giving birth how about a nice old tummy tuck? I'd order me one of those!

    I love the idea of getting rid of everything to get out of having to clean in...wish I'd thought of that sooner myself!

    I HATE those aspirators as much as my daughter does, and my little one is big on the theatrics so she thrashes, cries and turns red as a tomato...all to clear her nose out and ultimately make her feel better, I hope. Hope your baby girl is feeling better soon!

  2. I've seen an ad for a 'cosmetic gynecologist' and I have NO idea what that means. Making your girl parts pretty again after major tearing??

  3. Well, I had some really witty comments about nose suckers and free lunch, but the rest of my night is going to be completely preoccupied with "cosmetic gynecologist". Love the randomness!

  4. We referred to the nose sucker as the "nose snorkeler". No, I don't know why.


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