Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's Tuesday! You know what that means...time for more random thoughts!

**I love Tori & Dean! I also love watching 18 Kids and Counting. Other than that, reality shows really annoy me, but I always seem to get sucked in by them. Stupid shows!

**The boys and I cleaned their room this weekend. Now that we got rid of 5 trash bags full of crap, their room looks amazing.

**I'm having a yard sale this Saturday. Remember those 5 trash bags full of crap? Well, they aren't really full of crap, just stuff we don't need anymore so come buy it!

**I need to quit writing this blog and go workout before I have to leave to pick oldest kiddo up from his summer program.

**Speaking of oldest kid, he is getting his first pair of glasses today. He is just slightly nearsighted.

**On the topic of eyesight, the hubby is at his first consultation for eye surgery today. Before long, he will have near perfect eyesight and I'll still be blind as a bat. I'm happy that the Army pays for stuff like this because we couldn't afford it otherwise, but I'm still jealous. I have a couple of elective surgeries I'd like to have done and they have nothing to do with my eyesight. I would have no problem with being blind as a bat if I had my pre-3-kids stomach and boobs back!

**Bing commercials annoy the piss out of me.

Ok, I'm going to stop the randomness there because I really do need to get my workout done before I go get the kiddo. Have a great Tuesday!

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