Monday, October 26, 2009

You Don't Have to Be Here

I'm so frustrated and I just have to vent, so please excuse my ranting in advance. I am a full-time college student. I went to college for one year right after high school, then quit for a few years to be married and have babies. When the boys were out of the baby stage and the hubby was preparing for a second deployment, I decided to return to college. As an older college student, I apparently have a whole different outlook on attending class than some of my younger counterparts. In order to pursue my education, I give up time with my children, time with my hubby and huge amounts of money. Therefore, I take going to class and paying attention very seriously. I do not have to be there. I choose to be there. Attending college is a choice. No one has to be there. I'm so sick and effing tired of dealing with people talking during class. I'm also sick of people coming and going as they please with no regard to others. When you register for class, you are making a commitment to attend said class with the goal of learning something about the subject. You aren't saying, "Yeah, I'll come if I don't have anything better to do" or "Yeah, I'll come but I'll have to leave early because my boyfriend wants to do it during his break". You're not there to chit chat with your sorority sisters about last night pre-gaming session and who charmed (term used loosely) her way out of a DUI arrest.

So, basically, the point of my little rant here is this: If you are in college, you should act like an adult by respecting those around you. If you are registered for a class and choose to attend, sit down, shut up and pay attention.

**I'm sure that this doesn't apply to any of you, my dear readers. Thanks for enduring my little rant, we'll now return to the regularly scheduled program :) On, a lighter note, I'm testing out a new recipe and will share details soon if it turns out well.


  1. I almost took offense, being a former sorority girl, but then I second thought about how completely right you are. Isn't it such a shame that the great educations seem to be geared towards those that least respect it? I did, but I was raised very different, and I was also very different from the majority of the sorority. Just focus on the goal girl!

  2. When I was young and in college I was always so irritated by the "adult" students who asked ten thousand questions and made class so much longer and duller than it needed to be. When I became one of those adults I was always so irritated by how flip the young college students were, how they never payed attention, how they had no respect for anyone's time, how they were wasting a wonderful opportunity to learn.
    I completely agree with you, but can see both sides. The nice thing about college is it exposes you to all kinds, I guess!


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