Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Thing It's RTT

I'm feeling a bit random today, or maybe it's more that I can't stay focused on anything for very long today. Anyhoo, it's Tuesday!! That means I get to get my random on, YAY!

**The dogs are about to get their butts kicked out of here. This week, they have chewed up two books, a bra, a baby toy and the nipple off of a baby bottle while I was at school. Seriously, you stupid animals, what's wrong with the CHEW toys?

**I have a paper due in my course on William Blake next week. I need to edit it and re-write lots of it...but I'd rather run a few miles in heels.

**Why do Avent bottles have US ounces and UK ounces? I thought an ounce was an ounce. Apparently, I thought wrong.

**My non-school related reading for this week is Mechanically Inclined. It's about teaching grammar to middle & high school kids. I'm loving it.

**Yes, I'm a nerd.

**I had cereal for dinner last night. It was good.

**Monday Night Football is perhaps the most distracting thing on TV. I end up glued to it and stay up way too late.

**The hubby is a Vikings fan, so yay that they are 6-0...now if only the games would be shown in our area because I may throw large, heavy objects at the hubby if I have to listen to his whining for one more week.

**The number of catalogs I receive has greatly increased since I had a baby in April...I'm certain these two things are connected somehow.

**We don't have a house phone or a microwave.

**My mommy is coming to visit this weekend.

**Sometimes, while I'm on-campus I worry that one of the million squirrels is going to randomly attack me. They have really sharp claws, you know.

Now, I'm off to watch some TV before the boys get home from school and take over the remote control. Enjoy your Tuesday!!


  1. No microwave???? Yes...Monday night football is very distracting! Yay, for the Broncos!!

  2. Yay, for your mom coming to visit. That will be a nice break for you.

    We have a house phone, but it's only for emergencies.

    William Blake was never a favorite of mine either. Good luck!

  3. Lots of peeps don't have home phones these days. We don't. It's pointless seeing how my blackberry is permanently attached to my hand anyways. If it was up to James we would have no form of communication with the outside world. :)


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