Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray for RTT

I love Random Tuesday Thoughts! Let's just get ride to it...

**Where does ABC find all those crazy families for Wife Swap? And exactly why do the families throw such a fit over the rules change? Don't they understand the concept of the show?!

**I turned in my essay on Blake today. I feel about a million pounds lighter.

**It's raining, yuck.

**Last night's dinner was a disaster. I tried a new recipe. It would've been good if it had been cooked for about half the time. We went to Wendy's.

**Speaking of Wendy's...I have been saying for years that some place should put chicken sandwiches in the kids meals. Finally, Wendy's is doing that! My kids were ecstatic!

**I cut my finger last night. I have no idea on what.

**I have a professor who drinks about a pot of coffee before class, then bounces around the whole class period. It kind of reminds me of my kids.

**There was this really pretty yellow envelop in my mailbox today. I got all excited that someone had sent me a card. Turns out that it's my neighbors mail. Dang mailman!

**I am totally unmotivated to do any housework lately. Thank goodness the hubby isn't opposed to picking up my slack.

**My mom bought my oldest kiddo 3 chapter books on Saturday. He finished all 3 of them by Sunday afternoon. I love my little bookworm.

**My middle kiddo has the smile of a future heartbreaker. I'm not looking forward to his teen years.

**My precious baby girl is pulling up and scooting around the couch. She'll be walking sooner than I care to admit.

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday. If you want some more randomness, head on over to the originator of RTT, the unmom.

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  1. I love your random Tuesday thoughts! Wife Swap is such an embarrasing addiction for me. I actually find it incredible how two completely different families can almost always learn from one another by the end. I also agree, about them getting so mad about the rule changes. It's a week for crying out loud and they knew it going in. Crazy people.

    By the way, I love the new background/template. Very cute and colorful. Great job!


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