Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Almost Forgot Tuesday!

So, in case you are anything like me (forgetful), it is Tuesday! That means it is time for me to be totally random. Yay!

**2 days for fall break is a total rip off! The kiddos got a whole week. Not fair!

**My hubby hates the Target commercial with that moon song in the background. He always mentions it. The commercial does not bother me, but his constant mention of it does.

**I spent 5 minutes debating which bag of frozen veggies to buy at the commissary this morning. One bag was .69, the other was .79. It was a big decision, people!

**I quite possibly need more excitement in my life.

**Why does postage keep going up at such astronomical rates? Oh, because the government is in charge of it....And they want to be in charge of medical care?!

**I might have accidentally backed into the hubby's vehicle yesterday afternoon...

**You know how on TV funerals, there is always some kooky thing happening? Like someone gets drunk and throws himself on the casket? Or someone accidentally tips the casket over? Well, it always makes the funeral way more interesting...I hope mine is interesting...and a long time from now...

**That might have been morbid.

**I think I'll dye my hair tonight.

**I had something fabulously random to say and have now forgotten it...believe I might be suffering from CRS (Can't Remember $hit...it comes with age or in my case children)

**My parents are featured in a video on YouTube!! Crazy! You can check it out here if you'd like to.

And that's about all the random I have for today. I'm off to watch NCIS...

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  1. I laughed so hard at the CRS. It sounds so much better than the forgetful or stupid I usually use to describe my memory. Would you mind me stealing your name for it and using CRS from now on?


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