Friday, January 1, 2010

What I Plan to Do This Year

(Yes, I realize I'm into this dorky-4th-grade-essay title thing lately, but, hey, I'm a dork and that's how I roll...)

I really try to make goals for myself rather than resolutions. I believe that resolutions are all about changing behavior and, honestly, how often do we do that...about as often as a leopard changes its spots. For 2010, I have a few goals. In no particular order, here they are:

**Read 52 books.
**Graduate from college.
**Get into the Alternative Certification Program and get a teaching job.
**Limit my daily soda intake to 2.

So, I think that last one borders on being a resolution so let's not hold our breath on it, but the rest are totally doable with a little hard work (and possibly a little luck on the job thing, given the current job market in most places).

I hope you all have a wonderful 2010. Stick around and see how far I get with my goals/borderline resolution. You are guaranteed a few laughs and maybe even an insightful moment or two :)

What are your plans for the year?


  1. Good luck!

    I plan on 52 books this year, too. I tried for 104 last year, but only got to 99. I think alot of my reading time has been taken up by reading blogs instead.

  2. I agree that it's better to make goals rather than resolutions. I'll be so impressed if you achieve all your goals this year, especially if you read a book a week! Thanks for visiting Marlie and Me and commenting on my Decade in Review!

  3. Those are great goals! Wishing you every happiness in 2010!

  4. Happy Sits Saturday Share-fest!! Good luck with 2010.....I hope you achieve all of your goals.

  5. I like your goals! Mine is a picture a day for a year! We shall see!

    happy Sharefest Saturday!

  6. I plan to be awesome at crockpot usage! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I feel like I'm the only blogger that hasn't posted my "resolutions" yet (mine is more of a goal too.) I need to get on that!


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