Sunday, January 24, 2010

Aww Memories

I have been friends with April from A Labor of Love in real life since we were in 4th grade! There are some really embarrassing pictures of us with too much blush and lipstick on somewhere out there. Recently, when I sent out the call for questions to lift me out of my bloggy rut, she came back with one asking what my favorite school memory was. Well, other than getting the heck out of there (which was my first answer), I wasn't sure. I gave it some thought. I came up with some pretty awesome memories. Allow me to share :)

  • Senior Prom: April and I met up for pictures before hand. Then we put in an appearance at the actual event. It was pretty lame, so we left early and went to the movies all decked out in our prom dresses. We probably had more fun than anyone who stayed behind in the overcrowded, hot, stinky gym.
  • Bus 8: From 3rd grade through 5th grade, I rode Bus 8 with April and a bunch of other kids like us who lived in the sticks. Our bus driver was a cantankerous old man named Dutch. Dutch probably smoked a pack a day and had skin like leather. Once he kicked my sister off the bus for chewing gum. In spite of the cranky old man, we had fun on the bus.
  • FFA: I loved being in FFA. I learned a lot about life (I know that sounds odd). My senior year, I wanted so badly to be president. But I'd had a falling out with some of the more popular people and didn't get the position. I ended up being Vice President and rocking it. I learned that even when things don't go our way we still have to give our all and trust that things will work out.
I really did love school. (Still do) But I have to say, I would not go back if given the chance. I'm blessed to have some wonderful memories from those days and wonderful friends to share them with.

**I'll add some pics to this post later, but right now they are in the closet in my sleeping baby's room :)


  1. Ok, you almost made me cry thinking of the old days, although, I wouldn't go back either. One of my favorite memories of us when we devised a plan to make a Babysitters Club backyard summer camp like in the books, and made up a presentation for your dad and my mom and they didn't agree! Look, if we can make a presentation up when we were only in 4th grade surely we could have been trusted with a few rug rats! LOL

  2. Aw, your school memories are great! I don't know April in real life but I think her adoption is awesome (doesn't that count?) :)

  3. this is really great and more so that you have your friend around to help remind you of your growing up years.I cant wait to see the pics!a new follower!

  4. That's great that you went to the movies on your prom! I'm sure you did have more fun than a lot of the others and what a memory too!

    That bus driver sounds like quite a character, too.

  5. I wouldn't go back for a million bucks. I went to a private high school, and unless you had money or played sports (neither of which pertained to me) you were kind of an outcast. I liked the learning part, and went on to college to teach...I have great memories from out-of-school friends from that time though...


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