Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Gonna Be Really Annoyed If I'm Not Being Punk'd

So, today has pretty much been the day from H-e-double-hockey-sticks! For real! Listen to the crap that has happened to me in the last few hours...

  1. Woke up late, it was snowing, and I ended up having to take the kiddos to school because we missed the busses
  2. Went to get something sewn on to a Gortex jacket for the hubby, come out of the shop and my jeep won't start...nothing, nada, just won't start...Hubby is in a school for the next few weeks so I call a fabulous friend who comes to get me
  3. Go to the fridge to get a soda and realize that not only am I stuck at my house with no transportation, but I am also out of soda.
  4. Scrounge around and manage to find a half-gone, way beyond flat, week-old Mt Dew throwback.
  5. Hubby is nice and goes to pick up the baby for me. Brings her home, I'm standing in kitchen holding her, talking to hubby and baby pukes on me...the kind where you have to change your clothes all the way down to the bra...yeah, nice.
So, that covers the last few hours in my world. I'm gonna go shower (see #5 above) and hope to God that Ashton Kutcher and his camera crew don't jump out at me because then I'd probably fall, hit my head and get a concussion or some other freak accident thing. Hope your day is going better than mine :)


  1. Wow! Sorry you're having such a bad day!! Sounds like a Monday! Stopping by from SITS...
    Hope your day gets better! It's almost Friday!

  2. oh man.... *hugs* I'm so sorry, what a day.

  3. Aw! I hope for your sake you're being punk'd so you can meet ashton! :) here's hoping for a better rest of the day! ice cream should surely work (yes, even in the snow!)

  4. I hope today is better!


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