Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter and I Aren't Friends! And Other Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Welcome to a wintery Tuesday!  Let's jump into the random thoughts I've got floating around today.

**Winter and I aren't friends!  This morning we had some slicker than snot snow (lovely image, huh?).  I took the boys to school and attempted to take the baby to daycare.  I slid on the crap no less than a dozen times.  Finally, I decided to just bring the baby home and see what the weather did.  It's warmed up a bit and the slick factor has gone down a few notches, so I took her to daycare a little bit ago.

**My family hates having their routines messed with.  Baby girl was seriously cranky because of it.

**Why is it that kids can't seem to take their socks off without the socks ending up in little balls?  Yesterday, I was doing laundry and it took me 15 minutes to unroll socks.  I know I've told them a million times to unroll their socks, but they must be physically incapable of it, because my kids always do what I tell them to...

**I'm making pork roast in the crock pot for dinner tonight.  I love my crock pot, in case you missed that memo.

**This morning, middle kiddo had a bad dream.  I got him calmed down and on his way back to sleep, so I went back to my bed.  A few minutes later, I hear him yelp and running to my room.  Apparently, he was almost back to sleep and he saw something flash outside.  He was convinced that a monster was taking a picture of him.  Is it just me, or does this seem weird?

**I have a housework vs homework conundrum...whenever I'm doing one, I feel guilty for not doing the other...so I just end up doing neither and watching Wife Swap reruns on Lifetime and playing Zoo World on Facebook.

**Baby girl has started refusing to eat the 3rd stage baby foods.  She is fine with the pureed fruits and desserts.  But other than that, she wants nothing to do with baby food and steals table food from everyone else.  I'm fine with this, but it does worry me just a bit that she's not getting the nutrients from the baby food that she needs.

**On the topic of baby food, does anyone know what the deal is with these 2nd formulas?  You know, the ones like Good Start Gentle Plus 2?  Baby girl is old enough for them, but they are a whole new thing to me.  Back when the boys were babies, there was just the one version.  So this stuff is confusing me.  It's cheaper by a few dollars, but I don't wanna make the switch without more info on them.

**I have decided that when I finally do graduate from college I will be qualified for at least two jobs: governement employee or chick who jumps through hoops at the circus.

And that's about all the random I can muster up today.  Hope you all have a great, warm Tuesday!


  1. Loved this post!! I can totally relate to you! LOL I loved all the random thoughts... this is EXACTLY how I am!! I think we just might be forging a new friendship!! Stopping by via SITS! Happy Tuesday!

  2. My youngest pretty much was only on baby food for a month and then he refused and went right to table food. He's fine. ;)

    The only thing I've heard about those next formulas is that they really aren't necessary, especially past a year.

  3. I have an applying for jobs v homework conundrum. I've been watching The Bachelor and other girly shows all day to combat it ;)

  4. Socks. Instead of my kids leaving them in balls, they are all turned inside out. The sad part - they wear them that way. It drives me crazy, because I am OCD with laundry. All the shirts have to be hung the same direction. Towels and wash rags have to be folded and stacked like a picture in a magazine. The socks, though, is a problem. My kids complain that they have to constantly turned them back inside out after I wash them. OH ME! I try to leave them alone and just wash them.

  5. Slicker than snot - cracked me up! Glad you got back home and out again safely.

    My kids don't enjoy their routines being disrupted either. If they miss bedtime by 10 minutes it's a nightmare around here.

    Good luck on the job search. Jumping through hoops at the circus could be fun. At least you'd get exercise!


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