Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Homework Can Wait...RTT Can't

Hooray for Tuesday! I love me some randomness, so let's get to it...

**I should be doing homework.

**To avoid hubby's blah-blah-blah about how I should be doing my homework, I am staring at my screen with a confused look, sighing heavily and shaking my head...He thinks I'm doing my homework, hehehe...

**Zoo World is a bad, bad thing....my zoo is worth over $22 million...if only I had that kind of money in real life!

**Why is everyone acting all shocked and appalled by the fact that Mark McGwire admitted to using steroids? Was I the only one that caught on to that back in the day?

**While I'm on a sports roll...Why do some people insist on bashing Michael Vick? Yes, he did a horrible thing. However, the man paid his debt to society as determined by our great justice system. Let him be.

**My favorite color is yellow.

**I think you should all go visit my fave cousin at her blog.

**I want some oreos...not just regular ol' oreos, I want some of those white chocolate dipped ones that they have at Christmas time. I didn't see them this year and I can't get over it.

Ok, I give up...I have to go do my homework. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and go visit The UnMom for more random fun!


  1. Stopping by from SITS...love the homework trick...sneaky. ;)

  2. The homework trick, yes, I have done that before :) Hope the real homework wasn't toooo painful! I should probably figure out just how many classes I'm taking this semester so that I CAN do my homework :)


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