Monday, November 16, 2009


Why do people complain that they have no money while talking on their brand new iPhone?

Why do people say they worry about the environment but have no qualms about driving their gas-guzzling SUVs?

Why do some parents expect my children to act perfectly while theirs are running around ripping toys from my child's hand?

Why do people complain about their weight while chowing down on a super-sized value meal?

Why is it that people complain they don't have enough time but don't miss an episode of the latest reality show?

Why is it okay for me to work hard for everything my family needs but others expect these things to be handed to them?

Why are 8 year olds running around with cell phones? And exactly where are their parents?

Why are we shocked that childhood obesity is on the rise when children are given snacks at every turn? Is a sugary pouch of junk and a box of liquid sugar really necessary after only an hour of running around?

Why do people seem to have no respect for others?

Why is the sky blue :)

Why do I care?

Well, I at least have answer to the last one...I care because I live in this world too and I'd like for it to be a nice place for everyone. As I re-read this, it seems a little less than cheerful. I really didn't mean for it to, but at least once a day one or more of these questions crosses my mind. I suppose I'll never understand a lot of things. But I do think that if we all took just an extra minute to think about it, some of these questions wouldn't even be necessary.

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