Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Gonna Be the Latest Diet Craze

When the boys were babies, the baby food companies were just starting to come out with all this stuff they've got now. I remember that the sweet potato puffs were a huge deal. Now that I have another baby, I have discovered that you can buy puffs in about a gillion flavors. Not only that, but they also have crunchies, which are very similar to the puffs but come in a shape like a cheeto and different flavors of course. When my mom visited recently, she wanted some puffs and crunchies to snack on. Honestly, I thought the woman was a bit loopy...until I tried the mild cheddar crunckies. OMG, they are like white cheddar cheetoes. Yummy! I could eat the whole container in one sitting. The best part? The whole container is only around 200 munch away! It's gonna be the next big diet craze and I'm blazing the trail...Maybe I'll get an endorsement deal, write a book, make a few TV's gonna be great! Then I'll fade into obscurity just like Susan Powter...only with better hair, of course :)


  1. LOL! Sometimes baby food is awesome. Other times I can't believe we make our kids eat that stuff.

  2. LOL, I remember Susan Powter! My mom was into her once upon a time.


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