Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Want a Vacation and Other Random Thoughts

Buckle in and enjoy the random ride...

**I want a vacation! Someplace warm, with sand and sunshine, little fruity drinks that come with umbrellas...and no kids. That's right. Mommy needs a vacay.

**I have a cold. It sucks.

**I've got the rest of the week off from school. Woo-hoo!

**Normally, I avoid Black Friday shopping like the plague. However, I think that I'm gonna brave it this year in order to save $30 on my middle kiddo's birthday present.

**Did I mention that I have a cold and that it sucks? Well, I do and it does. The cold makes me spacey and the medicine makes me loopy....Loopy can be kinda fun, but spacey sucks.

**I love the show Bones. It cracks me up and it is one of the few shows that the hubby and I agree on.

**My MIL is my friend on Facebook, but has not friended any of her children...Is this odd or is it just me?

**We're staying home for the holidays. I'm excited about this because we always travel to visit family and it is always stressful.

**Here's a joke that my oldest kiddo told me this week: How do you keep a dog from barking in the back seat? Put him in the front seat, of course!

And that concludes RTT for this week :) If you need more randomness, head on over to the UnMom and check it out.

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  1. Hee hee. My MIL is friends with her kids but I declined. I don't want to feel limited in what I say or do. I am afraid to look at the ads because I don't want to get sucked in.


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