Monday, November 23, 2009

Attention: Members of this Household Have a Severe Dishwashing Allergy...

I'm gonna have a sign made for my house that says this. Seriously. I believe that my sons and my husband must have a severe allergy to all things related to washing dishes. I have come to this conclusion because they all place their plates and cups precariously on the edge of the kitchen counter (kind of close to the sink) and sprint from the room. Put the dishes in the dishwasher a few feet away? Nope. Rinse the plate off so gunk doesn't dry to it? Nope. Leave it all for mom to deal with? Yep. I have decided that only a severe allergy is the only way to explain this. I love them dearly, but their dish habit is driving me bonkers. Every night I have to wade through a counter full of dishes just so I can wash the baby's bottles for the next day. I understand that an allergy is a medical condition but maybe they have a shot for it...


  1. OMG...same goes at my house. Although hubby is quite considerate...he at least rinses them off. We actually don't have a dishwasher..well, one that is electric're looking at it! LOL
    Sometimes when all the bowls are dirty or there are no clean forks left in the drawer the family will whine...I just say: OH YEAH, I forgot the freakin' dish fairy called off sick today...guess I'll be filling in!
    Sometimes replace "dish" for the laundry fairy, dusting fairy etc.....
    ah well, my family gets it...and then they laugh. LOL.
    I saw you in the SITS rollcall this morning and wanted to drop in to say Hi!

  2. My husband has this incredibly annoying habit where he "says" he is going to do dishes, then he fills he water with dishes, hot water and soap. I have to go back to greasy cold water filled with dirty dishes. Yuck


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