Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Tuesday Again

Wow, it is Tuesday again! So it is time for another exciting installment of

**I hate humidity! Not only does it do horrible things to my hair, but it just makes going outside miserable. Plus our air conditioner is not working (thanks Knox Hills for getting on that one so fast--too bad my sarcasm doesn't get things fixed around here) so there seems to be no escaping the danged humidity right now.

**Visited the Heaven Hill distillery today. Maker's Mark is better.

**At Jacob's tball game tonight, I overheard that the elementary school is working to implement a uniform policy for next year. Forget the fact that I am adamantly opposed to uniform policies for multiple reasons, but it seems to me that they are trying to sneak this one past the parents without taking a vote on the issue. Shady! If they put the issue to a vote and majority rules on moving to uniforms, I'll go along with it. But to implement something like that without giving every parent a chance to voice their opinion is just wrong. I'm gonna write a letter...I'll even be all grown up about it and leave out the sarcasm.

**I totally heart ebay! I've been selling baby stuff that we're done with and made a nice little chunk of change.

**My boys are growing like weeds. For this reason, I have decided to start exclusively shopping for them at secondhand stores. I know I'll have to search a little harder and be a little more patient in order to find stuff but I'm totally willing to do so....especially if I'm gonna have to buy them uniforms in addition to real life clothes.

**White cheddar cheeto puffs are awesome.

**Why does sunscreen cost so much?!

**Emailed a professor and she never responded. Irritating!

Geez, my head is a jumbled mess of randomness!


  1. does the ebay thing really work?? I have so much crap to sell!!

  2. Try going to school online, I emailed my advisorS (yes I have two) and BOTH took over a week to get back to me. I needed to drop a freaking class for crying out loud and they never got back to me, so now I'm gonna get a horrible grade.

    Glad you're taking to RTT!

  3. Tiaras--Ebay works for some stuff. It's a lot of trial and error really, plus some luck :) But if you have the patience for it, it is great!

    Nikki--I've taken some online classes and had pretty good luck so far, but I think in general school is frustrating. I firmly believe that the diploma is more a reward for surviving the crap than for actually learning anything, lol.


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