Friday, May 22, 2009

A Few Things...

This morning I was thinking about what I was going to blog about and a few things came to mind. So, this is a little random but it's my blog so that's ok :)

**Yesterday afternoon, the boys were outside playing. I was inside feeding Kacey and getting ready to take Caleb to his soccer game. At some point during all of this, I heard something crash to the ground and an "Uh oh" escape from Jacob. From the sound of the crash, I knew that he had knocked my cheap green watering can off the table. I didn't give it any thought because the can was like $3 at Wal-Mart and also because Jacob didn't come running in to tell me about it. So this morning, after I got everyone off to school and work I went out to water my plants (that have yet to actually get potted). I fill up the watering can and start to water the tomato plants. Then I notice that it is leaking more water than usual. Upon closer inspection, I notice that the can is broken up by the sprinkling part where the water comes out. Like I said, this is no big deal because it's like the world's cheapest watering can. I'll just go get another one. However, I found it kind of funny because the whole episode reminded me of being little. When I was little, I was about as graceful as Jacob is (probably why my parents never put me in dance or sports) and I frequently broke things. I was always worried that my parents or grandparents would get mad at me for being so clumsy so I did the same thing Jacob did and just left it for them to discover. This morning I realized that they probably always knew that I was the culprit and just never said anything. Aren't parents wonderful?!

**There are some German Army forces here and that offers a lot of interesting benefits to us. One, there are a lot of German restaurants in town and the hubby loves German food. Two, it offers him the chance to earn a German Army Physical Fitness Badge. Basically, it's a look pretty award. He's been training for it over the last few weeks and this week has been competing in the events. This morning he completed the swim leaving him with one more event to complete. He's pretty confident that he can successfully complete that one, so looks like he'll get this cool little badge to wear on his Class A's. Go hubby :)

**I am a horrible dieter! I do pretty good sometimes. In reality, I just try to eat reasonably and don't deprive myself of things. I figure if I eat well then I can afford to have a treat on ocassion. However, this morning, I ate a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich for breakfast. I'm pretty sure that makes me a horrible dieter. However, I have all day to burn off the calories so I'm thinking that it's better to have eaten it for breakfast than for dinner.

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