Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Again, Why??

Not too long ago, I posted a blog with some of my why's. Well, I feel that it is time for another one. (I warned you that I can ask why all day long...)


--are men who are gray-haired and wrinkled referred to as "distinguished" while women with gray hair and wrinkles are "old"?

--do my dogs act like retards every time I let them out of the house?

--did my husband's unit find it necessary to schedule a ball six weeks after I gave birth? Seriously, I believe it is a conspiracy...

--is there no other way to clean the pipes around my house other than digging gianormous holes in my yard?

--and does it really take a freakin' week? Seriously, someone is gonna get lost in one of those holes in my yard...

--do my kids suddenly not like whatever I just made for dinner? I think it's a phase, but I could make cookies and ice cream for dinner and they'd be like "No Mom, I don't like cookies and ice cream anymore". They are driving me bonkers.

--does my hubby hear "Go play at the neighbor's house" when I say "I need to go get my hair cut"? I swear, this must be what he hears because it is what happens when that phrase comes out of my mouth...It is an interesting phenomenon.

--do I have a sudden obsession with the Martha Stewart Show? I think it might have to do with my recent discovery and love of Whatever, Martha!

--do people who swear they hate drama seem to be the ones who create the most drama?

Who knows why any of these things occur or why I even think about them, but there they are :)

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  1. Ha! It's true. I have a close friend who constantly swears she's "so over the drama" but...she's the one creating it.


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