Monday, March 30, 2009

We Got Culture

The weather this weekend was less than desirable, but we had a good weekend anyways. On Saturday, we drove up to Louisville. For my art history course, I have to visit a museum and write a paper about the experience. Needless to say, I am way too pregnant to be driving that far from home and wondering around a museum on my own. So my lovely hubby and kiddos agreed to go with me to the Speed Museum. Despite all my travels, I had never actually been to an art museum so it was a whole new experience. The boys were very well behaved. They even enjoyed it! Of course, they got a bit bored by the end but overall they were great. After we got ourselves some culture, we ate a late lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. It was freakin' fantastic (duh!). After lunch, we went shopping at the Whole Foods store. All in all, it was a wonderful Saturday! My due date is one week from tomorrow. So, it is very likely that Saturday's outing was our last as a family of four. It was fantastic and is now a very cherished memory.

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