Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coming Soon...

Well, I had an appointment today and I have to say that I may be in love with the doctor now! He came into the room and the first words out of his mouth were an offer to induce labor on Friday morning. YAY! So, I am checking in at 9 am on Friday morning to get the process going. Hopefully it won't take too long and little Kacey Jane will make a quick arrival. Now that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel, I have been thinking a lot about my little girl and the great-grandma from which her middle name comes. My grandma passed away a little over a year ago from breast cancer. She was an amazing woman without whom I would not be who I am today. Granny Shirley had a tendency to be brutally honest and had an incredibly tough exterior. But, under all of that was a woman who loved her family very much. Granny had her fair share of heartache in her life which I think led to her hiding a lot of her softer emotions. If I learned one thing from this wonderful woman that I can pass on to the little girl who will share her middle name, it is that no matter how many times life knocks you down you just have to get back up. That and how to fill out a NCAA basketball bracket :) I really miss Granny but I have a feeling that little Miss Kacey Jane is her way of reminding me that life goes on.

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