Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hooray for Not Being Pregnant Anymore

Well, it has been eleven days now that I have not been pregnant. YAY! I must say that there are some really good things about it. Here are just a few:

--I can sleep in any position I want.

--One word: caffeine!

--My body is returning to its normal shape and size.

--Oddly, I have this sudden desire to eat healthy and have managed to do so despite all of my food pickiness.

--I no longer feel the urge to constantly watch A Baby Story or any other birth related show on TLC or Discovery Health

--I now have a beautiful baby girl!!

These are just a few reasons that I am super excited to no longer be pregnant. Pregnancy is such an odd thing. For the last month of it, I was totally ready for it to be over and then suddenly it was. I think there is period where you almost go through withdrawals. And I'll admit that I did that for about a day a few days ago, but, like I normally do, I decided to find the bright spots in it all and move on. So, YAY for not being preggo any more :)

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