Monday, March 23, 2009

If You Must Know....

As my pregnancy draws to an end (I hope!), I find that people are getting even more nosy. I know I have complained in the past about this same thing, but I thought I would share the latest round of things that people have asked me. (Seriously, I really wish that people would think before they speak...)

  • "Have you started to dilate?"...In what world is it ok for a perfect stranger to ask me about what is going on in my hoo-ha?!
  • "Are you going to breastfeed?" or any number of breast related questions...Refer to what I said above but replace hoo-ha with breasts :) However, if you still aren't satisfied, I plan to exclusively pump (which is bottle feeding pumped breast milk). "Latching on" reminds me of leaches and it freaks me out, so I found this alternative and figured it was worth a shot.
  • "Are you having contractions?"...Some guy asked me this in the grocery store the other day. My answer was "No" and he responded "Oh, because you look annoyed" to which I answered "Yes I am, please leave me alone and that look will go away."
  • "Is this your first child?"...I am wondering why people seem to always assume that this is a pregnant woman's first child but then assume she's some sort of slut whenever they find out it is number two or three ("Oh, do they all have the same dad?" is another obnoxious question I've heard.)
  • "Has Cole had the baby yet?"...My poor hubby answers this question every time his phone rings. Apparently, our family believes that we won't keep them informed when our new little one arrives. Amazing how little faith they have in us!
  • "Are you planning to have an epidural?"...I hate this question, because the people who generally ask it are those who are anti-painkillers. I have had two epidurals with no problems. I was alert during the deliveries of both my children and they were alert when they popped out. Just like everyone else, I know people who have had complications as a result of an epidural. However, I also know people who are lactose intolerant but I continue to drink milk. Epidurals aren't for everyone, but let me tell you, they are for me :)
So, there you have latest edition of obnoxiously personal questions that I have been bombarded with. I am hoping that this little girl makes her arrival soon so that I can move on to a whole new round of questions, lol.

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