Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crazy Randomness

I know, I'm way behind on my blogging. But my internet is finally fixed and I'm caught up on some other stuff (sorta) so I should be back on track now. Yay! I know you're all super excited.

So here are some random things that I've been meaning to share:

  • Last week, I bought the latest CD by Gary Allan. I must admit, I have a bit of a crush on him (hubby knows, don't worry). And I love his CDs. They are never a waste of money. Unlike some artists, he never disappoints. I have yet to find a song on a Gary Allan CD that I didn't like. Yeah, they are that awesome.
  • The commercials for that new show Jockeys on Animal Planet make me want to pull my hair out and throw things at the TV. I refuse to watch the show based solely on that fact.
  • My children crack me up! Jacob informed me last week that "pregnant womans can't remember anything" (his exact words) and Caleb let me know that if he doesn't get a wife and doesn't learn to cook it'll be ok because he'll just eat out (Pizza Hut on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; Burger King on Thursday; McDonalds on Friday; and he'll grill steaks on Saturday and least the kid has a battle plan).
  • My dog snores louder than my husband.
  • I am huge and totally ready to pop this kiddo out so I can be normal size again.
Yeah, so I think that pretty much covers it for now. Hope you all are doing well :)

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