Friday, February 20, 2009

Hopes for My Kids

As I get closer to the arrival of our new kiddo, I have been thinking a lot about my hopes for my kids. Every parent wants the same basic things, like happiness, for their kids. Here are some of the other things I hope for my kids:

  • they grow up knowing that it's ok not to like me all the time but that those times when they like me the least are probably the ones in which I am loving them the most
  • they know how to do their own laundry and cook at least one impressive meal
  • they get their daddy's math and science abilities but my appreciation of literature and arts
  • they learn from my mistakes but still make their fair share because some of the best things in life come from mistakes
  • they all find love
  • they learn that money can't buy them a lot of the important things in life
  • they let their actions speak louder than their words but never fail to speak up for themselves or those who don't have a voice
  • they find a way to support themselves that they are so passionate about that it doesn't even seem like work to them
  • and finally, that they know that no matter who they become as they grow up I will always love them and will never regret making them the center of my world

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