Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just Another Random Day in the Neighborhood

It's Tuesday, people! You know what that means?  If not, you've not been around here long, huh?  Well, welcome to Random Tuesday Thoughts.  It's the day where I type a bunch of random stuff and pass it off as a post.  Enjoy!  Oh, and if you like the randomness here, head on over to The UnMom and check out some more.

**I'm considering one of those shock collars for my dog.  I'm seriously tired of her obnoxious barking.  She barks everytime the door opens, the UPS truck goes down the street...oh but the best is when she starts barking because I put something on the counter.  Yeah, she needs a shock collar like Lindsay Lohan needs rehab...

**Speaking of Lindsay Lohan...have you seen this??  Uh yeah, she didn't even cross my mind when I saw that little milkaholic on the ad.  Personally, that ad cracks me up.  Nothing about Lindsay Lohan cracks me up.

**I should be doing homework, but my computer hasn't been cooperating.  So, I've taken it as a sign that I should blog instead.

**Hubby called the housing office at the post we're moving to yesterday.  They told him the waiting list for housing is a year long.  Seriously?!  So I'm now looking for acceptable apartments for us to stay in until our name comes up on the list.  That'll be fun...3 kids, 2 dogs and hubby's plethora of tools in an apartment...but at least it'll make for some good blog posts.

**I was looking forward to this move, but that feeling is quickly fading.

**I love having a little girl to dress up.  Let's face it, baby girl clothes are way cuter than baby boy clothes.

**Oldest Kiddo and Middle Kiddo got Happy Meals last night.  They wanted the iCarly toys instead of Star Wars toys, so the lady gave them each an iCarly magic meatball.  Think they would notice if I destroyed those damned things with a hammer?

**Oldest Kiddo had a fabulous birthday (and thanks you all for the birthday wishes, I'd make him write thank you notes to each of you but I'm pushing it with the notes to family, so sorry).  He got a bunch of gift cards from family which he thinks is awesome because he can get whatever he wants.  He said that getting older was cool because people don't send you baby crap anymore.  Where does he get this stuff?

**Middle Kiddo walked around all day on Oldest Kiddo's birthday telling people that he was being nice to his brother on his birthday because "it is a rule that you have to respect your olders [he meant elders] even if he is just my smelly brother".  Yeah, I love that kid.

**I took the boys to see Alice in Wonderland on Friday.  I now remember why I don't go to the movies...I'm not very tolerant of rude teenagers who believe that they own the theater and yell things like "Hey fag face, over here" or "F*ck, I lost my phone again, guess the stupid parents are just gonna have to buy me a new one" or (my personal favorite) "Could you move your effing cup so I can put my phone there?"  And, no, I didn't move my effing cup.  But the movie was good.

And that's about it for today folks.  Hope you enjoyed my random thoughs and have a great Tuesday!


  1. I always think the Lindsey milkaholic is Lindsay Vonn. Just saying :) I also hate going to the movies when movies just come out - I'm usually ok with waiting till dvd :)

  2. Your little guy cracks me up. I love when my son is trying to be good but then tells me baby girl MADE him be naughty. sheesh

  3. I was just saying to my mom this weekend how much more fun it is to shop for girls then boys. It's really tough to find cute boys clothes.

    Good luck with the apartment. Sounds like it might be an adventure!

  4. great random thoughts,and the dog shock collar I need 2-darn dogs bark at the stupid cats that like to walk in front of our gate I think on purpose,drives me nuts!

  5. She just heard Lindsay and -aholic and thought it was here....LOL!

  6. THe shock collars work WONDERS~! We have a huge bird-dog that is a spaz, so we got the collar, and only had to zapit once or twice. Now we just put iton him and he's super obedient.

    I'M irritated that they switched out the little boy who used to do the E-Trade commercials...he was SO cute. And lindsay WHO? I LOVE the part about "other one name celebrities like Oprah or Madonna". Oh, for sure...she's right up there...

    Please. Get over yourself.


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