Thursday, January 27, 2011

This Stuff Bothers Me...

I really try not to rant about everything under the sun.  I try to be positive and see the good.  But, sometimes crap just bothers me...

Like the creepy dude in my class that took my picture with his camera phone today.  I don't know why.

Like the fact that the best way to drive around here is to close your eyes and push the gas.  Seriously scary.

Like the chick who was crossing the road ten feet from the crosswalk.

Like the people who take the elevator down two floors after class is over.  Can we say lazy?

Like my kids asking me fifteen times what we're having for dinner when the weekly menu is right there on the fridge.  Read, children!

Like my husband's alarm clock going off for an hour before he gets up.  Dude, get up!  Getting up early sucks.  Got it.  But getting beaten by a frying pan first thing in the morning sucks more.  Probably.

Ok, thanks for letting me get my grumpiness out...what bothers you?


  1. hey, you're in school! that's awesome :)

    I don't like bad waiters :) and snow.

  2. Snow seriously irritates me too!


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