Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yay for Tuesday!!

Yes, I'm still in the middle of moving.  I cannot wait to say that I am finished with the whole mess.  We will be heading down to Texas later this week and finishing up the move.  Yay!  Anyhoo, it is Tuesday and that means I get to be totally random...

**Moving sucks.

**My FIL has a rule that dogs aren't allowed on the couches.  Our dogs don't understand that so they keep getting in trouble.  He's not here right now so they are napping on the couch.  Honestly, I don't have the energy or desire to move them.

**I have come to the conclusion that I will never again do a major family event with both sides of our family.  From now on, birthday parties, holidays and whatever else will be divided.  Yes, I know that means that I'll have to do two of each.  But I just can't take the freakin' drama of it all anymore.  If you haven't figured it out, certain members of the family got a little bent out of shape at Baby Girl's birthday party.  Oh well.

**I think my iPhone may be the greatest thing ever.  I love it!

**Hubby and I are going to have another nephew.  Pretty exciting!

**We stayed last week at my parents' house.  Ever since we left, I keep trying to find things, then freak out that I left it at their house and text my dad to find it.  Of course, thrity seconds after I send the text, I find whatever I was looking for.  I kinda feel bad that my dad has to deal with my ditziness.

**It is really windy here today.  I'm not impressed.  I just hope the wind isn't blowing too hard on Friday when we're driving across west Texas because that really sucks.

**I cannot wait to see the house we're going to be living in.  Well, part of me is super excited and the other part of me is hoping that it lives up to the expectations I have of it.  But still, I can't wait to see it.

**Only in Arkansas will you here the following on a radio ad: "We're gonna be having a four man scramble out there at the golf course this weekend.  Come on out and join us."  Uh, yeah, I'll get right on that just as soon as I figure out where "out there at the golf course" is.  Give me a hint: which golf course you talking about?  It's not like there is only one in the area.  I love my hometown!

**I really do love it here, but I'm not ready to be back here permanently.  Maybe by the time hubby retires, I'll be ready for the whole live-in-the-same-place-for-more-than-three-years commitment...

**Middle kiddo has no filter on his mouth.  He informed my mom that she is a "dangerous driver" and my FIL that his driving isn't too great either.  Yeah, I love him.

Well, I really ought to get back to catching up on my homework.  Hopefully by next week, things will be settled down and I can get back to my regular blogging.  I miss my bloggy peeps (you know, the normal people in my life, even if you do live in my computer)!


  1. Ugh, I hate when families can't get along. My inlaws and parents do fine, but my parents can't be in the same room together. So it's inlaws + dad or inlaws + mom. So ridiculous. Divided events are totally the way to go!

  2. I send good juju for the move :)
    and I wish I had an iphone!

  3. Moving is tough! You'll be done soon and at least you love your iPhone. I'm pretty jealous, my husband has one too and I would love to get one sometime.

    We have to divide up our birthday parties and holidays because while my husband's family lives in the Cleveland area, mine are all in Michigan. It's not so bad having two parties, the kids think it's pretty cool actually.

  4. Oh my gosh!! I love my iPhone. I don't know how I lived without it. EVERYTHING is on that thing. I would marry it if there was an app to have kids...no wait...I mean. IT is awesome.
    Hope that your move is over soon!

  5. I just want to congratulate you for getting your random on this week! I completely forgot to comment when I actually read it, haha. oops!
    glad the move is getting closer to done and hope your in-laws cool off eventually. That was one of my requirements in my relationship with J, haha. His mom/dad had to like me, and they had to be compatible with my parentes/familia. We're both big family people...and our parents live 0.8 miles away from each other, so it's kinda a necessity :)
    oh yea, and my mom was lazy and we only had ONE birthday party a year (for all FOUR of us!...our birthdays ranged from 3/30 to 5/6) - and it was chaos every year :)


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