Monday, April 26, 2010

Family Pictures

While we were in AR, my sister and I decided that we needed to do some family pics for the grandparents.  Plus we just like torturing the hubbies like that.  They turned out super cute!  My sis is sending me the CD with all the pictures, but here's a little preview...

I am sure I will post more when I get the CD, but that's it for now.

These fabulous pics were taken by Aubrey Hammer


  1. Those turned out really cute! So rare to get a good family photo!

  2. Those are great! How wonderful that everyone cooperated. That's not always the case, but yours turned out really well. Love the coordinating shirts too!

  3. Those are really cute!! HOw did you get the kids to all stay looking so cute at the same time. THat is always a trick!


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