Friday, April 23, 2010

Please Excuse My Lack of Blogging

Yeah, I know...I've been the worst blogger lately.  If there's an award for that, please feel free to bestow it upon me.

Anyways, I am finally getting most of the boxes unpacked.  It is absolutely freakin' unbelievable what movers will pack.  Seriously, I found a bag of trash from the boys' room, a box of cereal (even though they said they wouldn't pack any food and I had to give away all of my spices) and my grocery list.  I am also astounded by the amount of crap we have.  However, I am convinced that our stuff reproduced in storage.

I have also been worrying over the school the boys are in now.  Change is an inevitable part of our lifestyle.  The average military child attends six schools during their life.  (I'm thinking this statistic refers to school districts, but not entirely sure.)  Oldest kiddo is on his third school...he's in second grade.  Middle kiddo is on his second school...he's in kindergarten.  So, this new school is supposedly a really good one.  I'm sure it is better than some.  However, I disagree with some of their methods.  Oldest kiddo is an excellent reader.  Currently, he reads at a fourth or fifth grade level.  Yesterday, the librarian wouldn't let him check out a book he was interested in because it was too thick.  Really?!  Instead of encouraging the kids to read books, they send them home with these crazy little "fluency folders" full of short paragraphs.  I can see the theory they are working with, but the fact is that I don't believe it works.  Middle kiddo brings home a kindergarten version of the folder and it is equally ridiculous.  My main concern is that this school is spending every minute preparing my kids to take a standardized test in the third grade.  I'm already on a soap box so I will refrain from going into all my objections but let me just say that teaching to a test is not the sort of education that will benefit these kids in the long run.

Ok, I'll stop with that now.  I do have to tell you about the uniform situation though...This school requires the kids to wear a uniform.  My kids think it's stupid.  When I look out my window and see a bunch of high school girls were skirts that barely cover their asses and shirts that don't contain the girls at all, I have to agree with my kids.  If my elementary school kids are going to be wearing uniforms, then the scantily dressed high school kids should be wearing them too.  Middle kiddo has developed his own way of giving the uniform policy the bird though.  He wears wild socks.  You know, kind of like Booth on Bones.  Oldest kiddo is just like whatever about the whole thing because he's still very concerned about the whole library situation.

Baby girl has been teething since the beginning of the move.  It's nightmarish.  Seriously.  She's getting four molars in at once.  Her mouth hurts.  She got that nasty diaper rash that goes along with teething.  Thankfully, she is getting over all that now though.  Baby girl has also gotten more steady on her feet which means that she is super helpful with the unpacking process.

Oh, and I have to tell you about the crazy mail situation!  We finally got our mailbox keys.  The mailman dropped off all the mail that has been accumulating in the box.  Apparently, no one has been getting the mail for our house since about November.  So, hubby and I sorted through it all.  There were about 60 pieces of mail (not including junk mail) for 7 different families!  Yeah, I have no idea exactly how many people were living in this house before us.  In addition to all the Christmas cards they missed out on, there were billing notices from law offices, a bunch of water bills and no less than three notices that warrants for arrest had been issued.  Apparently, the previous occupants were quite a colorful bunch.  I just hope no one shows up looking for them because Baby Girl does not react well to people interrupting her sleep.

I am finishing up my school work for the semester and then hopefully I will be better about my blogging.  I have also been catching up on laundry in my handy dandy, super spectacular new front loading washer and dryer.  I totally heart them!  But, I didn't realize that I would get so behind during this move.  But that's just life, I suppose.  Hope life is treating you all well.


  1. You're alive!! :) Um, feel free to complain about your kids' school all you want. I'm 100% against teaching to the test. I have an algebra student I'm tutoring right now...his teacher taught the class (it's special ed, which is the teacher's excuse) how to solve EVERY problem cheating with the calculator. he has no idea what a SLOPE is. omg. So I'm being mean and teaching him all those important things (duh)

    As for mail, we had a collections/scary lady come to our door the other day for the previous tenant. no arrest warrants, thankfully, but he's got lots of final notices haha.

  2. My kid's school does uniforms, but it's a grade school, so no one's hitching the skirts or shirts up just yet. I do love seeing how the kids manage to work their individuality into the rules. Javi does it with his skull-n-crossbones converses.

    That mail situation is rough. Glad you finally got keys, but I have a feeling you've not seen the end of the random and ridiculous mail to other people!

  3. Packers....LOL They wrapped a plastic duck with an entire piece of packing paper. I remember picking up this giant wad of paper and wondering what could be in it!
    The mail issue....very funny!
    Front loading washer and dryer.....AWESOME!!!


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