Thursday, April 1, 2010

Random Catch-Up

I am so far behind on the my blogging.  Sorry.  I have been busy hanging out with the family and being fed constantly.  I thought I'd throw out some random bits for your reading enjoyment.

**The trip from Kentucky to my parents' house is about nine hours.  It took me 12.  There was rain and wind all the way across two states.  Then there was thick-as-pea-soup fog for the last couple of hours.  The fog freaked me out.  Seriously, there were moments that I wanted to pull over but I couldn't see the side of the road.  Luckily, my kiddos were good on the trip.

**Baby girl's first birthday is only days away!  I've got her party all planned out.  I can't wait for the cake :)

**I am gonna need bigger pants when I leave here.  My family has been feeding me constantly.  However, I didn't get the last cupcake...I even stuck my finger in the frosting to mark it as mom ate it anyways.

**I'm still half-heartedly looking for a job.  I'll step up the search when we actually get down to Texas and settle in.

**Ever notice how people on House Hunters complain about everything?  It drives me crazy.  Where do they find so many whiney-ass people?!

**Ha ha ha....the guy on tv just said "do-able"...yes, I giggled...yes, I might have the maturity level of a twelve year old...but, I am exhausted.

**I'm going to get a pedicure with my sis tomorrow.  Yay!  Pedis are the most amazing way to spend kid-free time ever.

**I haven't gotten much school work done here...I'm so behind...not cool.

**I have the most adorable neice and nephew ever.  Seriously.

I will try to post more again soon.  Please tolerate my moving madness and rest assured that it will end soon :)

Oh...and has anyone tried the Blogium app on the iPhone?  I'm thinkng about getting it, but it's not free so I'm not sure...


  1. I hate driving in bad weather. I can't believe you had to do it for so many hours. At least you're being rewarded with tasty food!

    When is in the party? My baby girl turns 3 on the 3rd. I can't wait for her party (the 10th). Girl parties are the best! :)

  2. Okay, you are a much calmer momma than me. I cried for like three days before each kiddo's first birthdays!

  3. Glad you made it home safe!
    you sound like my brother sticking your finger in food to mark as yours,the only thing is we wont dare eat what he sticks his finger in,he makes sure to lick his finger all up and then stick it in,YUCK!
    Happy 1st Birthday to your baby girl.

  4. Sounds like so far so good! How are the kiddos feeling about switching into school in the middle of the year? That's always the worst :\ good luck to them!!

  5. Pedi's are the best way to spend mommy time! I got one today with my mom in law and it was fantastic!

  6. Weather problems on long drives with kids are usually a nightmare, glad to hear you arrived safely and the kids were good.

    How exciting that your daughter's 1st birthday party is around the corner. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  7. You are BRAVE!!! Traveling that far alone with kids in nasty weather. WHoo! You GO girl! Hope you're doing well today!


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