Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day = Torture

Honestly, I have never been a big fan of Valentine's Day.  In elementary school, I was shy and awkward.  In junior high, I had glasses the size of saucers and frizzy hair.  In high school, I was still shy and not all that confident.  I was never the girl that got tons of huge valentines from admiring guys.

Of course, now I am awesome.  I'm still shy sometimes, but I'm much more confident.  I got contacts and a straightening iron.  I also have the most amazing husband.  He doesn't shower me with huge valentines, but, bless his heart, he does his best.  But despite this awesomeness, I still think that Valentine's Day is the most torturous holiday of the year (closely followed by Groundhogs Day, because I'm not a winter girl and feel a lot of anxiety over the whole shadow or no shadow, it is just a ridiculous holiday...kinda like Valentine's Day...oops, I digress....).

I have NO idea what to get hubby for Valentine's Day.  He needs another movie like he needs a hole in the head.  We have 3 kiddos and no babysitter, so a night out is not in the cards.  Truth be told, I really think he'd be perfectly ok with getting nothing.  (Less pressure for him that way.)  But I don't want to let the day go by without giving him at least a little something.  Ugh, I think I'd rather be waterboarded than try to figure out the perfect not-too-small, not-too-big, says-just-enough-without-going-overboard gift.

Ideas?  Comfort?  You in the same boat? 


  1. We'll be driving most of Valentine's Day on our way home from Ryan's chemo so I was hoping to get a free pass and not have to do anything LOL

  2. I love V-day :) But this is my and J's first V-day together (the other two were spend 1200 miles apart...) He got some games and a bluray, so that doesn't sound like it works for you.! guys love food. Steak, chocolate (that's for you), something like that :) or...a crockpot meal!

    V-day Tip: DON'T go out to eat on V-day. Why? 1 - you have too many chidlers. 2 - too long a wait. 3 - Olive Garden take out is just as good as dine-in but BETTER because you get more salad. Just sayin' ;)

    Good luck! I'm willing to bounce a few more ideas, I just have to think of them!

  3. Bluewhite: You are totally on to something with the food thing. I could throw a roast in the crock pot, that's his fave. Thank you for giving me the great idea :)

  4. You and I are currently paddling the same boat! I haven't got a clue about what to get C for Vday! We don't need anymore movies either! : )I did make Chris a card from some scrapbook paper that I think he will like and I will just save my money for his bday!!

  5. Sweet! I'm trying to convince J we can just have a yummy dinner at home, but he wants to go out :) Although being stuck inside from the cold/snow/ridiculous winds may prompt us to want to get out this weekend :)

  6. I'm with you. I'm not much of a fan of Valentine's Day either. You get crappy service and food when you go out to eat because everybody and their brother goes out to eat and cards, candies, and flowers are so overpriced.

    Could you guys cook a favorite meal together after the kids go to bed, maybe play a board game and split a bottle of wine? It might be more memorable to have the time together then to spend it on a little thing you're not sure he'd like. Just a thought.

  7. I am not a Valentines Fan either but for some reason, Nathan decided to make us reservations for somewhere but will not tell where. So i felt obligated. So, I am making him his fav meal, followed by his fav desert. His stomach is by far the best way to his heart!


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