Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Serving Up the Randomness

If you haven't been here for RTT, I basically throw out a bunch of random thoughts for your reading pleasure...

**I love the sitcomes on CBS on Monday nights.  Big Bang Theory cracks me up.  Who doesn't love nerds?!

**Remember the nerds on Saved By the Bell?  Did your school have nerds that looked like that?  Mine didn't.  We had nerds, but they didn't dress quite that nerdy.

**It snowed some more last night and today.  Surprise, surprise.  The kiddos got a snow day and are gonna get another one tomorrow.

**I'd love to have 100 followers of my little blog here.  I know that's not really that many, but it woud make my day month year.

**I've been working on a cake recipe.  It's almost there and quite yummy.  I'll share it when I'm happy with it.

**Ever notice how people who gripe about the government and taxes and all that never seem to gripe when they get a tax refund.  Suddenly, they're all happy to claim Uncle Sam as their own. 

**Remember back in the day when you had to blow on the video game cartiridge to get it to work.  I kind of miss that.  My dad actually still has his Nintendo from back in the day.  It still works.  Every once in a while we all play Mario Bros (not super, just the plain ol' version) and Duck Hunt.

**I made myself a cheese pizza for dinner and it was so good that I ate too much.  Oh well.

**Baby girl says "Dada", "Bubba" and "puppy" but not "Mama".  I wish she'd just say it already.  I think she's just messing with me.

And that's the randomness for this week.  Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!


  1. I love your "Random Tuesday"! I am a pretty random person too...glad to see I'm not the only one! :) Stopping by from SITS...enjoyed your blog!

  2. I don't have my Nintendo still, but I do have a Super Nintendo with all the regular Mario games!

  3. I should follow you, but you already ARE on my google reader, doesn't that count? :) Plus I mean, I commented on your blog twice today!

    I wish I knew how to do my taxes so I wasn't so scared to turn them into the IRS. Well actually, I think mine are right but I don't know about J's if he's a "part year resident" or "non-resident" since he didn't switch it over yet...hmmm, I vote part year resident.

  4. I haven't watched Big Bang Theory, but everyone I know who watches it loves it. Cheese pizza sounds delicious! If you want more followers try out Mom Bloggers Club. It's a great site with lots of different groups you can join depending on your interest and people usually follow you from each group. Don't worry she'll be saying "mama" soon enough and then it will be "mom, mom, mom, mom, mom" all day and you'll want to change your name! :)

    Cheese pizza sounds delicious!


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