Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Observations

Last night, I participated in a very American activity: I watched the Superbowl.  I was glad to see an exciting game.  The game really did come down to that interception in the last quarter.  Until that moment, I think both teams were playing really good ball and it could've gone either way.  I do think that the Saints had a little more momentum in the second half starting with their recovery of that on-side kick.  Personally, I think on-side kicks are a dirty trick.  But they're legal, so what are you gonna do.  Anyways, I made a few quick observations that I thought I'd share with you...

**The Doritos commercials were hilarious!  By far, the best of the year.  Really, other than those, the commercials pretty much sucked by Superbowl standards.  However, I expected this because I'd been hearing for weeks about how advertisers just weren't shelling out the cash for spots this year.  Darn economy!

**I think I'll apply for the job of bookin halftime entertainers.  Seriously, The Who?!  They needed wheelchairs to get on-stage.  Let's not even talk about last year's fiasco of booking the JoBros.  Two years in a row the halftime show has equalled a fail in my opinion.  Whatever happened to the good ol' days of Janet Jackson flashing her nipple or Britney Spears attempting to rock out with Aerosmith? 

**For some reason, the Saints Kenny-Chesney-look-alike coach gives me the creeps.  I don't know, there's just something about him that rubs me the wrong way.

**The Colts coach did an awesome post-game interview.  He was well-spoken, classy and had his cliches down pat.  (If you've never seen Bull Durham, then you totally didn't get the cliche thing...)

**I get that Hurricane Katrina was a tragedy.  It was horrible and I know that there are people and communities that are still struggling to recover.  However, that does not mean that the Saints "deserved" to win the Superbowl.  I have a hangnail but no one believes that I should win the lottery because of it.  The Saints played good ball, worked hard and beat a worthy opponent.  For those reasons, they deserved to win the game.

**They sell DVDs of the championship team...who buys those?  Who watches those?

Alrighty, well that's all I have for you.  Did you watch?  What do you think was the best part of this great American tradition?


  1. But don't you think the surprise win will be an inspiration for NOLA? I sure hope so! The Betty White and Letterman/Oprah/Leno commercials were my faves, along with that cute Brett Favre. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    Snow Emergency

  2. Ditto everything above, but um...I thought both offenses were not on their games most of the game (sadly, for me, the other offense got more points...if you count the defense as offense for them too)

    I loved the Doritos commercials :) actually, any of them that involved slapping people. NCIS's commercial was awesome too :)

  3. I watched....sort of. As in, it was on, while I played on the computer.

    I have a hangnail, too- wanna split that winning lotto ticket?

    I'm originally from Pittsburgh and I can tell you that EVERYONE buys those dvds- and has parties to watch them. It's crazy.

  4. Just loved this post... coming from SITS. Random, but are you going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore?

  5. I agree with you on all points. I was disappointed with the commercials and the half-time show. The funny thing is I was talking to my mom about The Who and she was so excited about their performance. Definitely an age gap there!


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