Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Brain Works in Random Ways

It's Tuesday!  You know that means it's time to get random.  Read my randomness, then head on over to visit Keely and enjoy some more randomness...

**Baby girl has moved into that stage of life where she wonders around stealing food off plates.  She also puts everything off the floor in her mouth.

**I have a little crush on Kevin Costner.  I love him in Bull Durham (my fave movie of all time).

**I think Sean Connery is the greatest bond, followed closely by Roger Moore.

**I got crafty today and made a present for my niece and my nephew.  I'm considering posting pics and maybe a how-to.

**I should've been doing homework instead of being crafty.  Oh well.

**I really am a dedicated student.  I just spend as much time complaining about homework as I do actually completing homework.  I am sure it's one of my more unattractive traits. 

**One time when I was in 3rd grade, I watched the news and they said it would be 65 degrees the next day.  I thought that was really hot and meant I could wear a skirt.  After many hours of trying to talk me out of this, my dad finally gave up and let me pick my own clothes that day.  I wore a skirt and froze my butt off at recess.

**I took the Jeopardy test online last week.  I don't actually expect to ever get on Jeopardy, but it's fun to say I did it.

**I am still in love with my fancy pants Nikon D3000 camera.  I am also still learning how to use it.  I'm having fun with it and don't expect to be fully proficient for quite some time.  I'm taking it slow and enjoying the learning process.

**I totally adore Diet Coke with Lime.

**We are moving in 6 weeks.  6 weeks!!

**I'm thinking of a new comment system...any suggestions??

And that's the randomness for today folks.  I'm off to put Baby girl to bed then watch NCIS do some homework.


  1. Oh, I'm excited for crafty how-to :) Good luck with the packing up for the move!!

  2. I really like the commenting system that I have it is super easy to use!!

    That means in 6 weeks we get to spend sometime together!!!! and have a princess party of course!!! : )

  3. Congrats on moving in 6 weeks, how exciting! Hope the housing folks treat you well!


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