Thursday, December 3, 2009

Not the Brightest Light on the Tree

I know, I know...I'm behind on my blogging. This semester is winding down and finals are coming up, so it's been hectic for me. Here's a funny story about my puppy to make up for it though...

This is Abbi...

She's chasing a bug. She does a lot of that. (Really has nothing to do with this particular story, but it's a cute pic...) Abbi is our almost-one-year-old mini pin. Normally she chases bugs, sleeps on the back of our couch, poops in the floor then spends the night snuggled up with middle kiddo under his mound of blankets. We love her (all expect for that pooping in the floor part).

The other night, the hubby and I had just gotten in bed when we heard Abbi whining. After a minute, the whining turned into crying. So hubby got out of bed to make sure middle kiddo wasn't laying on her or something. Hubby checked the bedroom and Abbi wasn't there so he went down the hall and found Abbi standing next to the kitchen trash can with a piece of bread crust between her paws. The little darling had gotten into the trash can and pulled out the crust. She knows that she's not supposed to be near the trash can. In fact, she knows this so well that she started whining and crying while she was digging in it. The little brat told on herself! We had to laugh because if Abbi had just kept quiet we would've never known she was even near the trash can. Needless to say, Abbi spent the night in the kennel and we once again realized that she's not the brightest light on the tree...but she sure is one of the cutest...


  1. I love furbabies! I would love to get a puppy so my son has a play pal to rough and tumble with, but I live in a townhouse. Not enough room for toys much loss a puppy. We have two kitties though!

  2. Too funny that she told on herself! Made me smile, she's adorable.

  3. How cute! Has Bella calmed down...I remember what a spaz she was!

  4. Yeah, she calmed down. She only spazzes out when she thinks it's time to go to bed but once we put her in the bed she's asleep and snoring.


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