Monday, January 26, 2009

Fleece Sheets....Who Knew?!

This weekend I had one of those moments wherein I forgot that my children (bless their hearts) lose their danged minds whenever they are taken to any public location. In this moment, I decided that it was a good time to use our gift cards from Christmas and eat lunch at Red Lobster. Martin agreed and we set out. We decided that while we were out and about that we'd do a little shopping too. Originally the plan was to go eat then head over to the Barnes & Noble (because what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than eating fried seafood and shopping for more books). Well, during lunch the boys were fantastic. Caleb even cleaned his plate. As we were leaving, Martin suggested we cruise over to the newly opened Sam's Club and check it out. (Bad idea, by the way! The place was a zoo and we didn't even bother going in.) This change of plans was enough to send Caleb into one of his moods and Jacob wasn't much happier. So, in a parental effort to avoid rewarding their crappy attitudes, we next went to the Bed, Bath & Beyond. The kiddos didn't get any happier and by the time we were done in the BB&B we just headed home with the afternoon ruined (in my pregnant judgement of things).

However, the day wasn't a complete loss. My fantastic husband decided that we needed flannel sheets for our bed because I'm always cold. In his internet search for sheets (because he really doesn't like going into real stores...well, other than the Bass Pro Shop...), he discovered fleece sheets. I thought he'd lost it, but then we found some in the BB&B. I was wrong. The things felt fabulous and soon I'd been talked into purchasing a brand new set for our bed. Immediately upon our arrival home, he put them in the washer and had them dried and on the bed before bedtime Saturday night. After two nights on them, I have to say they are evil (in the most fantastic of ways)! Not once have I gotten cold and they are the softest sheets (other than my 1000 thread count sheets, of course) that I've ever slept on. I'm in love! Who even knew there was such a thing as fleece sheets or that they are so freakin' fantastic?

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